Hair Care Tips For Students

Hair Care Tips For Students

Students often get a bad press when it comes to hair care, with the stereotype of messy looks as they arrive at lectures. In recent times though as more students have to work part-time, go to socials and so forth, the need to look good while keeping to a budget is both more important than ever but also something that can be difficult, creating additional stress to deal with. Here are a few tips to help you (or any students you know) take care of your hair.

The right type

The first thing that helps is to know your hair type. Whether curly or straight, smooth or greasy, it allows you to choose products and styles that are most appropriate for your particular needs. If you are in doubt about what your type is, talk to a stylist and they’ll be happy to show you what is best suited to you.

Schedule in haircare

It sounds strange, but one good way of looking after your hair is to schedule in time. There is the old joke about women rejecting dates by saying “I’m washing my hair,” but the fact is it can take time to clear out tangles and get everything cleaned up.

Don’t wash too often

Washing every day can be damaging to the hair, removing natural oils. Leaving a gap for a day in between can make it healthier. It can be difficult initially if you are used to washing each day, as it can feel greasy between washing days. If you must clean your hair in the “in-between” days, you can use dry shampoo rather than doing a wet wash.

“Go-to” styles

There may be times when you are “between styles” and need a go-to for something formal or even just going out. Having a stock style that you can easily switch to such as a bun means you can be ready to go out without having to overexert yourself in the process. Using braids or wearing a hat can also help prevent damage to the hair, but a bun is generally easier for braids.

Quality over quantity

For students, you are likely to be on a budget. Therefore, it is better to have one or two good quality products rather than getting a multitude of inferior ones. Also, there is the practical aspect of using a shared bathroom- ideally you want enough that can be easily accessed without taking up too much space.

Furthermore, using less product with your hair is beneficial, as it minimises the amount of ingredients used. It can’t be stressed enough to read the label and to ensure what you use is suited to your particular hair type.

We can help

If you don’t know your hair type or have any questions about maintenance between styles you can talk to us. Please contact Noble today, and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail and find the ideal treatments to suit you.

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