Lets talk about Redkens flash lift with bonder inside!

Of all of the amazing innovations that have come from this last decade, bonding products have to be one of the best for the hairdressing industry. However, the benefits of the addition to chemical services can sometimes be lost, as the client don’t always understand the differences, Or worst they don’t know that they are getting added benefits with the addition of bonding products. The salon then absorbing the additional costs.

How do bonding products work?
(Redkens flash lift with bonder)

Bonding products work by firstly rebuilding any broken disulphide bonds within each hair strand. This repairs the hair shaft and makes each strand stronger and able to withstand damage that might be caused by chemical services.

In a nutshell, HD Bonder acts as a miracle reset for your hair, rebuilding the structure, strength and integrity by creating new bonds between sulphate’s on protein strands.

Why are bonding products important?

No matter what’s caused the damage to the hair, a bonding system can help rebuild it. They are usually used in conjunction with colour or chemical straightening services as these can make hair more fragile and susceptible to breakage. However, they can also be provided as standalone treatments for clients that have been experiencing any other kind of damage.