Haircare New Year’s Resolutions

Most people have big goals they want to achieve, a big “New Year New Me” drive. The problem is that often it can be difficult to lose weight, learn a new language or get fit. However, with a few simple steps it is possible to improve your haircare and at the very least make yourself feel better in the colder months at the start of the new year.

Avoid the cheap products

After the spending and parties in December, January can often be tough. Therefore, it can be tempting to cut costs by buying cheaper shampoos, gels, and shampoos. The problem is that these can often contain a lot of chemicals and these can damage your hair in the long term (depending on the type of ingredients they use.)

If you do need to save money, a better approach is to buy fewer but better quality products or find cheaper products that do not contain ingredients that can dry out the hair like sodium laurel sulphates.

Make sure you wash your hair enough

It is important to get the balance right- washing your hair too much (especially using wet shampoos) can wash out the natural oils, causing dry and irritated skin. By contrast, if you don’t wash it often enough there is a build-up of excess oil and this, in turn, can cause problems.

Essentially if you shampoo your hair every other day (while rinsing or using dry shampoo in between), then you should be able to maintain healthy hair.

Protect your hair at night

Do you have a nightcap (and we don’t mean a drink before bed)? The reason it is worth investing in a nightcap, hairnet or some other form of night time protection is that it can help to counter “bed head” and make it more manageable and easier to style in the morning.

Protection can also be important during the day as well. With the sun lower it can be damaging if your hair is exposed. One option is to use a conditioner with UV protection. Another option is to wear a hat, something which can be necessary during a colder day but also provides additional protection from UV rays.

Don’t detangle too aggressively

Knots in your hair can be frustrating. Therefore, it can mean people can be very aggressive when it comes to using their brushes. The danger is that this can cause damage as well. Brushing and detangling is good but don’t go overboard.

Balancing out styles is important. For example, a ponytail should not be too high or too tight. Having an effective holder to keep it in place is important too.

We can help

At Noble, we want to do what we can for people to get more from their haircare. We have a team of experienced professionals, who can offer advice on how to look after your hair between treatments. For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us today to see how we can help you look and feel better in the new year.

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