Looks For Autumn

After an unusually hot summer, we are slowly starting to move into the autumn and winter months. With the change in temperature in the latter part of the year, new styles can come in to adapt. Here are some examples of styles for different hair types to suit the later seasons.

Retro style

There is a number of retro styles that are coming in for the Autumn period. For example, Australian actor Margot Robbie was seen sporting an angular blunt bob, a useful style as it is just long enough that you can style it up and down. There is also the curly bob, allowing for a sleek, centre parted variation.

Away from bobs, another example of this referencing to earlier style eras is a Charlie’s Angels “swoop” style, ideal for long hair with some great layering.

Looking sharp

Away from the softer retro styles, there is also a new approach with heavier hair. Rather than using scissors, thick hair can be cut using razors, removing the bulk and providing a distinct style.

Micro fringe

Sometimes a stylist may accidentally take a little too much off the top when working on a fringe. However, this autumn the extra trimming of the fringe is referred to as a “micro-fringe.” Another fringe variation is a fuzzier, wispy version alongside shoulder length hair.

Wispy fringes can also be done for people with long hair, while choppy or side swept fringes can also work well.

Cloud ringlets

This is a style ideal for curly hair- when asking for this style make sure that the bulk is cleared, especially around the mid-length, as this should allow for a more natural spring while using a hair diffuser will help to keep this level of curl maintained.

Oversized braids

For a simpler, more romantic style, people are turning to an oversized braid with a black velvet ribbon, ideal for colder months.

“Shadow” hair

Another trend away from hairstyles is in hair colouring. One aspect that people are looking into is “shadow” colouring with their hair. What this means is that when using a dye, additional shadows are added into the colour to make it appear more natural. Essentially it is about moving away from a flat colour and presenting your hair with a bit more variety and depth.

For example, as opposed to just dying your hair silver, you also add in carbon, quartz and oyster white. I

The right style for you

Of course, while you want a style that suits the season, it is also important to have one appropriate for your particular type, whether it’s short, long, curly or straight. At Noble, we can go over the various options and find something best suited to you, both in terms of style and maintenance, as well as giving advice on general beauty tips.

To find out more or to consult with one of our experienced beauty technicians, please contact us today, and we will be happy to help you find the best style for you.

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