What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Type?

On the surface, it sounds obvious- you should get the hairstyle that’s best suited to your face. Of course, this may not always happen- people may have ideas on what they want but it may not necessarily be ideal for you. This is why it helps to choose a style that is best suited to your face type and in this article, we are going to look at the best styles for the different types of faces.

Measuring up

Your face type depends on a few factors- the width of your brows, cheeks and jawline and the length of your face (forehead to chin). The main types are oval (three widths are almost equal), round (nearly as wide as long, forehead and jaw curving at the corners), heart (wide brow, narrow jaw) and square (equal width and length).

Once you know which is your type it then becomes easier to match up styles. With each style we’ve matched up short, medium and long cuts so you have the choice of what you want while still maintaining something that suits you.


A spiky shorter style can work well if you want the “pixie” look but may not be ideal for people with curly hair as it provides a “noodle” effect. For longer cuts you may want to go for curls around the collarbone length or long, staggered layers.


For heart-shaped faces the best short cut is clipped evenly on sides and has short layers on top, ideally created a tousled look. If you want a medium length a collarbone-length uniformed layered style is ideal or for a longer cut curls and a full fringe works well and suits a range of textures.


The best short haircut for a long or oval cut is an angular bob with short layers (though you may want an inch or so longer if your hair is curly) while if you prefer a longer cut a sweeping fringe and retro texture is ideal (if your hair is fine this works best at shoulder-length).


For short hair, a layered bob with a subtle fringe works well while light shoulder length layers parted at the side asymmetrically work well for a medium length style, especially with a feathery layer at the bottom. For longer cuts avoid blunt ends and go for a lighter scattering of layers in order to create a softer effect around the face.

Talk to us

Of course, it’s important to note that these are broad factors and there are other aspects to consider such as whether your hair is straight or curly, dry or greasy and so forth. It is also safe to say that some people may not exactly match up to one of the four types so a style may need to be slightly adapted to suit the individual person.

This is why it is worth talking to our team at Noble Hair Company. We can look at your hair and face type in order to find the ideal products and hairstyle that will work best for you. Find out more about what we have to offer at www.noblehaircompany.co.uk or come in and talk to our team today.

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