Trends from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week presented a number of interesting potential developments in the world of hairdressing and styling. We are going to look over what to look out for and how to be on trend in 2017!

Be more animated

In terms of both clothes and hair it seems that cartoons and anime have been a point of inspiration- while the clothing features cartoon characters and explosions of colour you can also see brightness with the hair as well as the more outrageous styles that you may associate with shows such as Yugioh or Steven Universe.

A good example of this is the bubble ponytail- it looks a bit like original PlayStation Lara Croft but even more exaggerated!


Eighties revival

Big is back! While Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof were seen wearing taffeta dresses this is also reflected in the hairstyles as well so be sure to get your hairspray at the ready.

Part of this aspect is crimped hair (a great example being Ariana Grande who showed off her retro style).


Two tone hair

Perhaps influenced by Sia another trend that is emerging is two tone hair- rather than one single blonde or brunette style you can have both with one colour on the left and one on the right.


Beach waves

Beach waves aren’t just for summer! However, there is a twist to this- the beach wave style that was introduced was more of a crunchy, wet look (the Julien McDonald defined “edgy beach wave”).

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need an A-lister stylist to achieve it- the right weightless hair mousse can keep it up long after you’ve got out of the salon.


Low maintenance

If you want something a little easier to look after Emilio de la Morena was showing off a sporting chic using laid back low knots, allowing for an easier to maintain look that nonetheless is set to be big among A-listers who wanted a style with a bit less effort.



Although not exactly a hairstyle per se this is something that has come up- using elaborate headbands and clips as part of a look (this was particularly prevalent with the Mary Katrantzou show). After all, if you’ve worked hard to make your hair look good it helps to have a few flourishes and flair to really show it off!



The accessories also tie in with another popular aspect of the show and that was a Bollywood-influenced style. It is not really surprising- this is a culture that often celebrates beauty and colour with incredible choreography so it is not surprising that people have taken influence from that.


Get the look

As you can see there are a few trends and a few different styles to choose from that veer from Molly Ringwald, anime and Bollywood. However, what works best for you? Contact us and we can help show you not only how to stay on trend but find the one that will help you get your best look.



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